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Introduction to metal mesh

Metal mesh produced by KEN GI

Metal mesh products: metal expanded mesh, ribbed mesh, free formwork (easy to cover mesh), corner mesh, brick mesh, edge mesh, beam mesh, etc.
Metal mesh material: black iron, galvanized iron, white iron, aluminum and other materials.
Scope of application of metal mesh: Railings, fences, fences and guardrails for various construction, industrial and highway work.

XS Diamond Expansion Net

Metal mesh uses metal materials, such as black iron, galvanized, aluminum, white iron and stainless steel. The coils or sheets are punched and cut with a die according to the customer's specifications to form a diamond-shaped hole mesh plate that is several times the length of the raw material. The metal mesh is a one-piece product with no assembly or welding, and no waste is generated during the production process. Therefore, it is not only cost-effective but also simple and beautiful compared to other products. Metal mesh products, light and strong.

Diamond shaped metal expansion mesh category

Metal mesh-reinforced mesh can also be covered with suspended ceilings and H-steel structures, and plastered or filled with fireproof mixed materials.

KEN GI's construction metal mesh products include: ribbed mesh, easy-to-dismantle formwork mesh, corner mesh, edge mesh and beam mesh. Metal mesh for construction is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel sheet coils and combines the characteristics of zinc alloy and vinyl materials to make it have a long service life and withstand heavy loads. There is no waste in the metal mesh production process and the utilization rate is extremely high.

Construction metal mesh categories

Metal mesh is a versatile material with a wide range of applications, and its unique properties make it suitable for a variety of different industries and applications.

Metal mesh characteristics

  • During the metal mesh production process, metal plates are punched and stretched to form a unique metal mesh structure. Therefore, compared with solid metal of the same material, it is lighter in weight and can reduce the structural load. It has advantages in applications.
  • Metal mesh has microscopic pores and elasticity, allowing it to expand or compress in shape without losing strength. This unique structure makes the metal expanded mesh have good ventilation, filtration and adaptability, and is widely used in construction, manufacturing, water filtration and other fields.
  • The mesh structure of the metal mesh provides superior ventilation, and the size and shape of the mesh can be adjusted according to needs, making it possible to have some light transmittance in applications that require some light transmission.
  • The metal mesh is stretched during production and has good plasticity, and can be cut into shapes and sizes according to customer needs.
  • The mesh structure of the metal mesh has some concave and convex features on the surface to improve the surface's anti-slip properties.

Various metal mesh products not only comply with the standards commonly used in construction in various countries, but can also be customized and designed and produced according to customer needs.

Metal mesh application scenarios

  • Construction field: Metal mesh is often used in the decoration of building exterior walls and ventilation systems. Its unique open structure can effectively increase the ventilation and visual effect of the building, while also providing a certain degree of sunshade and protection.
  • Manufacturing: In the manufacturing industry, expanded metal mesh is often used to manufacture components such as filters, conveyor belts, and partitions for machinery and equipment. Its excellent ventilation and filtration properties make it an indispensable part of a variety of manufacturing equipment.
  • Safety protection: In addition to the above applications, metal expansion mesh is also often used for safety protection. For example, it can be used to make safety window nets, isolation cages and other facilities to protect people and property from external threats and risks.

Importance and advantages

Metal mesh has the following importance and advantages:
High ventilation: The open structure provides good ventilation and is suitable for places that require air circulation.
High strength and durability: The metal material ensures the high strength and durability of the metal expanded mesh, which is suitable for applications in various harsh environments.

In short, metal mesh is a material with great versatility and application value, and has a wide range of applications in various fields. If you are looking for high-quality metal expansion mesh products, please consider us, we will provide you with professional solutions and quality products.

Metal mesh application

Diamond expanded net application: Stair safety net
Construction metal mesh - no need to dismantle, small size, light weight, can prevent cracks on the concrete surface
Diamond Expanded Mesh Metal Mesh Curtain-Yilan Big Mackerel Dream Factory Exterior Wall Curtain

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