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Metal pattern plate is a kind of metal product, also known as pattern plate, punching plate, embossed plate , embossed steel plate , metal plate, plate, tinplate pattern plate , aluminum pattern plate , aluminum embossed plate , pattern steel plate , metal Anti-slip steel plate, anti-slip iron plate, anti-slip iron plate, metal anti-slip pedal.

The embossed board production process uses a pattern machine to cold-press the metal sheet so that one side has a regular convex pattern and the other side is concave. Both sides have non-smooth surfaces.
Its special pattern and texture make it popular in construction, industrial products and interior decoration, furniture, automobiles, ships and other fields.

Features of metal checkered plate

  • Beauty of the embossed plate: The surface of the metal pattern plate is processed through embossing, pressing, cutting, and other techniques to enhance its aesthetic and textural qualities, adding modern, fashionable, and artistic elements to architecture and interior decoration, providing more design options.
  • Strong and durable: Metal pattern plates are mainly made of aluminum, white iron, black iron, galvanized and other materials. They have excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance and pressure resistance, and are suitable for various climate conditions and environments.
  • The flower board is easy to process: The metal pattern board is easy to process and can be cut, bent, welded and painted as needed, saving construction time and cost.
  • Reuse: The metal pattern plate can be reused, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Metal pattern plate specifications and types

Decorative metal pattern plate

Product thickness: 0.8 mm ~ 1.6 mm
Application range: indoor and outdoor wall decoration, various door panels.

Generally used metal pattern plate

Product thickness: 1.0 mm ~ 3.0 mm
Application range: storage, floor of work area, use of walkways, indoor and outdoor spaces such as parking lots, swimming pools, etc.

Industrial metal pattern plate

Product thickness: 4.5 mm ~ 6.0 mm
Application range: ship deck, automobile floor, train carriage, construction industry, etc.

Application Scenario

  • Building decoration: Metal pattern plates are widely used in building exterior wall decoration, such as exterior walls, ceilings, doors and windows, etc. Its unique pattern and texture can add a sense of modernity and fashion to the building, and can also increase the building's thermal insulation performance and improve its environmental protection.
  • Industrial products: Patterned panels can also be used as shell materials for industrial products, such as various machinery and equipment, instruments, and advertising signs. Their durability and aesthetic features can effectively enhance the quality and value of the products.
  • Automobiles, ships, etc.: Metal pattern plates are also widely used in automobiles, ships, machines and instruments and other fields. They can add design and beauty to products while protecting their surfaces from damage.
  • Interior decoration: Flower boards can also be used as interior decoration materials, such as partitions, murals, sculptures, etc. Its pattern and gloss can add a sense of fashion and art to the interior decoration.
  • Ceiling: The metal checkered plate also has a unique application in the ceiling. Its texture and color can be coordinated with other interior decorations, which can bring more design inspiration to the interior space. In modern architecture, it is common to see the use of checkered metal panels to create a sleek and contemporary ceiling design.
  • Outdoor landscape: metal pattern plate can also be applied to outdoor landscape design, such as parks, squares, exhibitions, etc. Its texture, gloss and durability can add a sense of modernity and art to landscape design, allowing people to enjoy a beautiful visual experience while enjoying the scenery.

Choose the right metal pattern plate

Ken Gi produces metal plates with metal patterned plates (patterned steel plates, patterned iron plates, patterned stainless steel plates, and patterned galvanized plates) and metal non-slip tread plates.

  • The materials of the patterned plates include black iron patterned plates, galvanized patterned plates, aluminum patterned plates, and white iron patterned plates. When choosing the material of the patterned plates, it is necessary to consider the actual usage environment and requirements. For example, if corrosion resistance is required, white iron material patterned plates can be chosen, while galvanized material patterned plates can be chosen for higher strength and hardness requirements.
  • The pattern of the metal patterned plate is also an important factor affecting the selection. Different patterned plate patterns can bring different visual effects to buildings and products, and the selection should be based on actual needs and application scenarios.
  • The thickness of the patterned plate affects its strength and durability, and it should be selected based on the actual usage environment and requirements. For example, thicker metal patterned plates can be chosen for situations that frequently bear greater pressure or resist wind and rain erosion.
  • The size of the patterned plate also needs to be selected based on actual needs. Therefore, when choosing the size, it is necessary to consider the application scenario and installation requirements to better meet actual needs.
  • Surface treatment: The surface treatment of the metal flower plate is also a key factor in the selection. Different surface treatments can bring different textures and gloss to the metal checkered plate, which needs to be selected according to actual needs and application scenarios.


To sum up, choosing a suitable metal pattern plate needs to consider many factors, including material, pattern style, thickness and size, etc., and it needs to be selected according to actual needs to achieve the best use effect.

Checkered Plate
Metal checker plate can be used in the non-slip pedals of vehicles, planes or floors in industrial plants


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