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Diamond expanded network characteristics

  • The diamond-shaped expanded mesh can be made of metal mesh, such as mild steel, galvanized, aluminum, and stainless steel. The coil or sheet is stamped and cut according to customer requirements to form a diamond-shaped metal mesh that is several times the length of the raw material. The metal expanded mesh is a one-piece product without assembly and welding, and there is no waste in the production process. Therefore, compared with other products, it is not only cost-effective but also simple and beautiful.

  • Expanded metal mesh has the characteristics of safety and stability, elastic change, greening and energy saving, and filtering impurities.

  • Expanded mesh products can be applied to different industries and environments depending on the size of the mesh. Currently, they are commonly used in railings, fences, fences, light partitions, etc. In recent years, they are often used in building exterior curtain design and ventilation applications.

  • The small-mesh metal expanded mesh has a small and beautiful mesh, and is very decorative and functional. The mesh structure of the diamond-shaped expanded metal mesh can disrupt the reflected light. Because of its angle, it is difficult to see through, but it does not affect ventilation or ventilation. flow; the small mesh size of the metal expanded mesh is also relatively light, so it can be widely used in ventilation and filtering devices of vehicles, ships, and aircraft, as well as various electrical appliances, air conditioners, stationery, and construction.

  • The metal expanded mesh of Zhongda Mesh has tortoise-shell and diamond-shaped meshes. It can be widely used in various heavy-duty factories, ships, mines, buildings and other floors, corridors and stairs that require load-bearing capacity. Treads or ditch covers, side passages of conveyors, cranes, etc., fences.

Various Metal Expanded Mesh Diamond Expanded Mesh Products

XS Diamond Expansion Net
  • KEN GI XS standard metal expansion mesh complies with the CNS national standard expansion mesh size, and has a variety of standard mesh materials, apertures, thicknesses and other different specifications and complies with the standard specifications.
  • XS expanded metal mesh is also known as raised expanded metal mesh. After the metal steel plate is punched, it is punched and stretched on an expanding mesh machine. The strands and joints form a uniform angle with the plane of the metal plate, which increases the product's hardness and toughness. It also maintains anti-slip properties and is sufficient to allow air and light to circulate. .
KG Diamond Expansion Network
  • KG general metal expansion mesh is a metal expansion mesh mesh independently developed and designed by KEN GI. According to customer needs, the expansion mesh mesh is customized.
  • KG general metal expanded mesh provides an alternative to engineering metal mesh. It is more flexible and widely used in its application and is very popular among general consumers.
  • KG expanded metal mesh can be used in plant equipment, mechanical equipment, military facilities, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, etc. It is the best material for space isolation, light refraction isolation, and ventilation.
XG Diamond Expansion Network
  • XG industrial heavy-duty metal expansion mesh complies with CNS national metal expansion mesh standards, and expands from iron plates to mesh forming seamlessly. XG industrial heavy-duty metal expansion mesh is widely used in its engineering and industrial expansion mesh specifications with strong load-bearing capacity.
  • XG metal expanded mesh is widely used in engineering and industrial metal mesh specifications with strong load-bearing capacity. It is used in the reinforcement of concrete slabs, roads, paving, foundations, marine projects and bank insurance vaults. It can be used as a tank truck, working platform, corridor, pedestrian Ladder nets for heavy equipment such as roads.

Diamond expansion network application

Diamond-shaped expanded mesh products are currently commonly used in railings, fences, light partitions, etc. according to their different mesh sizes.
Diamond expanded net application: Stair safety net
Diamond Expanded Mesh Metal Mesh Curtain-Yilan Big Mackerel Dream Factory Exterior Wall Curtain
Diamond expansion net application-Construction industry: Storage room protection net

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