Air conditioner filter

Air conditioner filter introduction:

In the hot summer, air conditioners have become one of the essential devices in our lives. However, when we enjoy the coolness and comfort, we should also pay attention to the importance of the air conditioning filter.

The air conditioner filter can not only filter the dust and pollutants in the air, keep the indoor air fresh, but also prolong the life of the air conditioner.

Importance of Air Conditioner Filters:

As the core component of the air conditioning system, the air conditioning filter plays a key role in filtering pollutants in the air. It filters dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants from the air, providing a clean and healthy indoor environment. Especially for people with respiratory problems such as allergic rhinitis and asthma, it is more important to choose air conditioner filters.

Factors for air conditioning filter selection:

  • Air conditioner filter grade : The grade of air conditioner filter is usually divided according to its filtration efficiency. A high-efficiency filter grade filters airborne pollutants more effectively, but also increases resistance. Therefore, when choosing a filter grade, the needs and operating efficiency of the air conditioning equipment need to be considered.
  • Air conditioner filter material : Common air conditioner filter materials include PE, PP and activated carbon. Filters usually have better filtering performance and can effectively capture fine pollutants such as dust and pollen. Nano-mesh is more suitable for filtering tiny bacteria and viruses. The activated carbon filter absorbs odors and VOCs. According to different needs, you can choose the suitable filter material according to the air quality and specific pollutants.
  • Air conditioning filter size : Make sure the air conditioning filter is the correct size for your air conditioning system. Only when the size of the filter mesh is appropriate can it completely cover the air inlet and outlet to ensure the filtering effect.
  • Air conditioner filter replacement frequency : The filter efficiency of the air conditioner filter will decrease over time, so it is important to replace the filter regularly.

Air conditioner filter maintenance:

In addition to regularly replacing the air conditioner filter, the following maintenance measures can be performed to prolong the service life and performance of the filter:

  • Regularly clean the filter surface.


Air conditioning filters play an important role in maintaining indoor air quality and prolonging the life of air conditioning equipment. Selecting the appropriate filter grade, material and size, and regular replacement and maintenance can ensure the efficient operation of the air conditioning system and clean and healthy indoor air. Paying attention to the quality and maintenance of the air conditioning filter will provide you with a better indoor air environment.


*If you need more information about air conditioner filters, please contact our professional team. We will be happy to assist and advise you.

Photos of various filters

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