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Mesh with ribs , easy-to-batch mesh without dismantling templates , corner mesh , edge mesh , beam mesh


The metal mesh used in Qingji construction includes: ribbed mesh, easy-to-dismantle formwork mesh, corner protection mesh, edge mesh and beam mesh.
Metal mesh for construction is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel sheet coils and combines the characteristics of zinc alloy and vinyl materials to make it have a long service life and withstand heavy loads.

Construction Metal Mesh Products

Metal mesh-reinforced mesh can also be covered with suspended ceilings and H-steel structures, and plastered or filled with fireproof mixed materials.
  • Metal mesh for construction - The number of trenches produced by reinforced mesh is 7 trenches/9 trenches/11 trenches.
  • Reinforced mesh is suitable for creating base partitions. It is light in weight and can reduce the weight of the building, and the plaster applied on the surface can be firmly consolidated.
  • Rib lath, also known as metal light compartment mesh, is the abbreviation of permanent concrete metal mesh.
Metal mesh for construction-metal disassembly-free formwork (Yipi mesh)-1
  • Construction metal mesh-metal disassembly-free formwork (Yipi mesh) is produced with 6/7 grooves.
  • Metal disassembly-free formwork (Yipi Mesh) is suitable for building metal mesh used in building structures. It can be easily cut and bent, and has the advantage of quick installation. In addition, it can reduce construction site cleaning costs by about 50% and concrete pressure delivery costs by about 5-20. %, reducing the consumption of mixed soil materials by 5~10% and the consumption of working hours, water and electricity, etc.
Angle Bead, Mini Bead
  • Metal mesh for construction - corner protection mesh production specifications 28x28 mm/50x50 mm. It can strengthen the plaster and prevent it from chipping, and can replace the ruler to perform the application and modification functions.
  • Used for molding in mud, prevents angular straight edges from chipping or cracking, and protects and strengthens fragile cement. Expanded metal mesh wings are firmly embedded deep in the cement on either side of the prism. Because the edge of the building structure and the corners of beams and columns are easily damaged, the angle bead is indispensable for plastering.
Edge netting for construction-1
  • Metal mesh for construction - edge mesh production depth: 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm. Metal mesh that trims and strengthens the side walls of a building helps extend the life of the building.
  • The edge netting is ideal as a cement edge stop to make the surface smooth. Construction metal mesh - The advantage of edge mesh is that it can be used anywhere where cement is edged. Plasterers can easily use construction edge netting to modify easily brittle areas, and it also has the function of protecting and strengthening, and also makes the edge clean.
beam mesh
  • Construction metal mesh - beam mesh production width: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm.
  • The crossbeam mesh is a permanent strong metal mesh formwork placed in the cement project. Its function can greatly reduce the labor, time, materials, temporary support and other costs required for the secondary processing of the general formwork, and has better performance than the general formwork. Stress intensity and shape freedom.
Brick net for construction-1
  • Construction metal mesh-brick mesh production specifications 300 mm x 2, 600 mm x 2.
  • Brick mesh is easy to construct and has compressive and tensile strength. The metal mesh material is durable and lightweight, which can reduce material and transportation costs.

Construction Metal Mesh - Application

Construction metal mesh - no need to dismantle, small size, light weight, can prevent cracks on the concrete surface
Plastering metal lath is ideal for edge trimming

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