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Nano Filter Mesh

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Nano Filter Mesh Introduction:

  1. Nano Filter Mesh is made of environmentally friendly PP polypropylene material, known for its high strength, elasticity, and toughness. The material is resistant to strong acids and alkalis, ensuring a long lifespan at a low cost.
  2. The Nano filter utilizes a special 3D pyramid mesh structure, increasing the surface area and improving air permeability and dust holding capacity.
  3. Nano Filter Mesh employs exclusive patented technology to integrate catalysts into the fibers, achieving long-lasting antibacterial and anti-mold effects, and efficiently filtering pollutants for clean air.
  4. Green energy environmental control water oxygen negative ions enhance the deodorizing and PM2.5 removal benefits, purifying the air and improving indoor air quality.
  5. Nano Filter Mesh can enhance far-infrared radiation to boost metabolism. The material is resistant to strong acids and alkalis, providing a longer lifespan and reducing replacement costs, making it suitable for various environments and industries.
  6. Nano Filter Mesh has been tested by SGS and remains effective even after 20 washes. This product complies with RoHS green product safety and non-toxic specifications, protecting the environment.

Nano Filter Mesh Specifications:

Nano Filter Mesh Frame Material: Galvanized
Nano Filter Mesh Filter: Single layer

Nano Filter Mesh Product Features and Benefits:

Single-layer Nano Filter Mesh formed by ultrasonic welding, with a black plastic coating on the outer side for increased durability and aesthetics.

  • Antibacterial, anti-mold, negative ions, far-infrared radiation, deodorization, low pressure loss.
  • Patented 3D pyramid mesh design with high porosity and strong breathability.
  • Antibacterial function achieving a 96.9% removal rate within 1 hour, tested by SGS
  • Anti-mold function achieving level 0 growth, tested by SGS.
  • Long-lasting antibacterial and anti-mold properties, inhibiting bacterial growth
  • Effective long-term air purification, quickly filtering air pollutants
  • PP polypropylene environmentally friendly material.
  • Raw materials comply with RoHS certification for safety and non-toxicity, protecting the environment.
  • 100% manufactured in Taiwan with quality assurance

Nano Filter Mesh Applications:

Air conditioners, air purifiers, HVAC systems, aquarium filters, factory machinery and equipment, etc.


*We provide customized solutions to meet specific requirements. Please feel free to inquire with our company.

Long-acting antibacterial and anti-mildew characteristics of air-conditioning nano-mesh, bacteria are not easy to breed
Nano Filter Mesh
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