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Checkered Plate Machine

Checkered Plate Production Line


  • The checkered plate production equipment is referred to as the checkered plate machine. The metal sheet production equipment designed by Ken Gi that can be manufactured and assembled according to customer requirements, and it is more efficient than traditional punch-type checkered plate equipment.
  • The Ken Gi checker plate machine is by cold-punched stamping, with patterns on the front raised embossed and inset embossed on the back.
  • Patterns: In addition to the market standard patterns, there are currently 16 self-designed patterns, and the new pattern can also be designed according to customer needs.
  • Material: mild steel (SPHC, SPCC), galvanized steel (GI), aluminum (AA1050) and stainless steel (SUS304), etc.
  • Production Thickness: from 0.8 mm to 6.0 mm ( maxinum in the industry)
  • Ken Gi checkered plate machine production line, according to customer requirement, provides semi-automatic production lines and fully automatic production lines, which can greatly save manpower in operation.
  • The embossed metal plate production equipment of KEN GI is controlled by a new servo motor, and is equipped with an automatic man-machine interface (multi-language mode), so that the operator can automatically produce after the parameters are easily set, save manpower in operation.


  • Material Thickness: 0.8 mm ~ 6.0 mm
  • Working width: Min. 600 mm ~ Max. 1,550 mm
  • Product length: Min.1,000 mm ~ Max. 4,000 mm
Checkered Plate Machine
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Checkered Plate Production Line

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