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Taiwan's first manufacturer of expanded metal meshes and checkered plates

  • Ken Gi is the first manufacturing expert in Taiwan with the ability to produce expanded metal meshes and checkred plates. The output of customized whole-plant equipment is the result of long-term design and development, production practices through in-plant parts processing, machine tool assembly and testing, and exports to countries all over the world.
  • Ken Gi is the first professional manufacturer in Taiwan that has both metal sheet production and equipment manufacturing capabilities. Since its establishment 40 years ago, the company has not only earned numerous patents for metal mesh panels but also meets the diverse needs of customers with self-developed equipment, providing high-efficiency and high-quality services in the market.
  • With many years of experience in manufacturing and research, as well as the ability to self-design, Ken Gi has earned support from customers and participated in many national construction projects, such as the China Steel expansion project and the National No. 1 Highway.
  • With a core spirit of sustainable operations, attentive service, and excellence, Ken Gi will continue to provide first-class products, high-quality equipment, and excellent services.


Whole plant equipment export

  • Established in 1981, Ken Gi has accumulated countless design and production experiences from customer needs and has developed multi-functional automatic machinery products. Currently, it is not only the first professional manufacturer in Taiwan to produce metal lath products and checkered plates, but it can also customize whole-plant equipment.
  • In the experience of design and production, Ken Gi has devoted itself to researching and developing various patents of expanded mesh and checkered plate pattern, and is convinced that only the ability of self-design is the master key to the competitive market!
  • Ken Gi provides global customers with a variety of expanded mesh and checkered plate products, as well as whole-plant output equipment such as high-speed and heavy-duty expanded metal equipment (maximum thickness 12 mm), hy rib /rib lath equipment, high-speed brick mesh machine, angle bead machine, and checkered plate equipment.
  • Looking forward to the future, Ken Gi will not only continue to expand its business in the construction market in Taiwan, but also expand the global market of the world!
Ken Gi Checkered Plate Machine
Ken Gi specializes in manufacturing both metal lath products and equipment.


Great Event
• 1965
Mr. He Qingyu founded the Jianguo Iron Factory, which mainly manufactures parts and repairs.
• 1981
Mr. Ho Zongjian founded Ken Gi Industrial Co., Ltd.
• 1990
Start exapnded metal mesh production.
• 2000
Start checkered plates production.
• 2011
Won the Gold Medal Award for Excellent Products in Taiwan and the Golden Diamond Award for Made in Taiwan.
• 2013
ISO 9001:2008.
• 2017
ISO 9001:2015.



Contact Us

Ken Gi industrial Co., Ltd.

No. 216, Section 1, Kuo Chi Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 33061

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