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Metal Mesh - Metal Mesh for Construction

Mesh with ribs , easy-to-batch mesh without dismantling templates , corner mesh , edge mesh , beam mesh


Ken Gi plastering accessories includes: rib lath, hy rib, angle bead, plaster stop and architrave bead. It is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel coil, and combines the zinc alloy and vinyl material to make it long service life and load-resistant.



Plastering Accessories Products


1. Reinforced mesh

7 ditch/9 ditch/11 ditch. It is suitable for building base partitions. It is light in weight and can reduce the weight of the building, and the plaster applied on the surface can be firmly consolidated.

2. Easy-to-disassemble templates

6 ditch/7 ditch. It is suitable for building metal mesh used in building structures. It can be easily cut and bent, and has the advantage of fast installation. In addition, it can reduce the cost of construction site cleaning by about 50%, the cost of pressing concrete by about 5~20%, and reduce the consumption of concrete materials by 5 ~10% and the consumption of working hours, water and electricity, etc.

3.  Angle bead

25x25mm/50x50mm. It can strengthen the plaster and prevent it from chipping, and can replace the ruler to perform the application and modification functions.

4. Bricknet

300 mm x 2, 600 mm x 2. The product is easy to construct, has compressive and tensile strength, and the metal mesh material is durable and lightweight, which can reduce material and transportation costs.

5. Close the edge net

Depth: 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm. Metal mesh that trims and strengthens the side walls of a building helps extend the life of the building.

6. Crossbeam net

Width: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm. The crossbeam mesh is a permanent strong metal mesh formwork placed in the cement project. Its function can greatly reduce the labor, time, materials, temporary support and other costs required for the secondary processing of the general formwork, and has better performance than the general formwork. Stress intensity and shape freedom.


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Plastering Accessories
Plastering metal lath is ideal for edge trimming

Plastering Accessories Products

Rib Lath

Rib Lath is a type of expanded metal mesh used in construction as a plaster base and reinforcement for walls and ceilings. It consists of a series of V-shaped ribs with small herringbone mesh openings, which provide keying and bonding with the plaster. Rib Lath is commonly used in interior and exterior stucco applications, as well as in decorative finishes. […]

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Hy Rib

"Hy-Rib" is an expanded metal mesh product that is specifically designed for use as permanent formwork for concrete. Hy-Rib is a high-strength steel reinforcement bar that remains in place during the concrete pouring and curing process, providing additional structural strength to the concrete once it has hardened. […]

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Angle Bead, Mini Bead

"Angel bead eliminates the need for a cement worker's regularity, with the mesh wings firmly embedded in the mud, allowing for precise trimming and edging. Architectural angle guards are used for molding in mud." […]

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Brickwork Reinforcement Mesh

In addition to its inherent compressive strength, brick mesh used in construction also increases tensile strength. Unlike traditional construction methods, various types of buildings can benefit from reinforcement with brick mesh ribs.[…]

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Plaster Stop

The Plastering Stop for construction features L-shaped ribs. This plastering stop is ideal as a cement edge stop to make the surface smooth. The advantage of this plastering stop mesh is that it can be used in cement plastering. […]

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Architrave Bead

The architrave bead is mainly used to create a decorative edge for cement. It consists of a galvanized construction beam mesh with expanded mesh wings that are specially designed for use in door frames and for forming stucco. […]

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