Metal plate

Metal plate introduction

Metal plates produced by KEN GI

Metal plate products: metal pattern plates, anti-slip pedals.
Metal plate material: black iron, galvanized iron, white iron, aluminum and other materials.
Sheet metal applications: Railings, fences, fences and guardrails for all types of construction, industrial and highway work.

Metal sheet category

Metal pattern plate_______

KenGi Checkered Plate_KGCP102
  • Metal plate materials include black iron flower board, galvanized iron flower board, aluminum flower board and white iron flower board.
  • Patterned plates, also known as embossed plates, anti-slip steel plates, and metal plates, are stamped by mechanical equipment to have a regular convex pattern on one side and a concave, non-smooth surface on the other side.
  • Metal plates can be used to effectively prevent slipping in work walkways, with decorative effects and safety protection.

Metal pattern plate category

Ken GI Grip Strut Safety Grating
  • Metal anti-slip pedals have the advantages of being light in weight and easy and fast to install.
  • Through its pattern and hole design, the metal plate not only has an anti-slip effect, but also can achieve excellent drainage effects in overflow and drainage sites, making it a very good choice for industrial applications.
  • Non-slip metal tread tread surfaces provide elasticity to cushion footsteps, reducing worker fatigue and increasing factory productivity

Metal anti-slip pedal category

Metal plate characteristics:

  • The main features of metal plates include diverse decorative patterns, making them an ideal choice for decorating buildings, home interiors, etc.
  • Metal plates can use various metal materials, including scraped white iron, black iron, galvanized, aluminum, etc. Different metal materials give the panels different appearances, textures and durability.
  • If the metal plate is made of anti-corrosive metal materials such as stainless steel, it can maintain a beautiful surface in a humid environment.
  • The surface of the metal plate is smooth, easy to clean, and does not easily accumulate dust or other dirt, which helps maintain its decorative effect and appearance.
  • During the production process, the metal plate has a certain degree of plasticity through molding or stamping, and patterns of different shapes and sizes can be produced.
  • Metal plates are lightweight and have a convenient installation structure, which can simplify the construction process. To meet customer design needs.

Various metal plate products not only comply with the standards commonly used in construction in various countries, but can also be customized and designed and produced according to customer needs.

There are various processes involved in sheet metal manufacturing, depending primarily on the type of metal used and the requirements for the final product. General manufacturing processes include:

  • Raw material preparation: Select appropriate metal raw materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, etc., and perform preliminary processing, such as cutting, cleaning, etc.
  • Processing: The processing of metal plates usually includes steps such as rolling, drawing, cutting, punching, embossing, etc. to convert the raw materials into metal plates of the required size and shape.
  • Surface treatment: In order to improve the surface quality and corrosion resistance of metal plates, coating, painting, sandblasting and other treatments are often required.
  • Production of finished products: The processed and processed metal plates are further made into various products, such as automobile bodies, building structures, mechanical parts, etc.

Diverse applications of metal plates

  • Building and Construction: Used to construct roofs, exterior walls, ceilings, slope slabs, elevator floors, home partitions, etc.
  • Automotive industry: used to manufacture lift tailgates, cargo box flatbeds, truck bed boards, vehicle ladders, and truck bodies.

Although metal plates will produce certain emissions and waste during the manufacturing process, metal plates have many environmental advantages compared to other materials:

  • Recyclable: Metal panels can be infinitely recycled, reducing the need for virgin materials.
  • Durability: Sheet metal products generally have a long service life, reducing the number of replacements and discards.
  • High performance: Metal plate products often have high strength and wear resistance, which can reduce energy consumption and resource waste.

In general, metal plates, as an important manufacturing material, are not only widely used in various industries, but also have good environmental performance, helping to promote sustainable development and green manufacturing.

Sheet metal applications

Metal plate-floors, stairs, walkways in work areas, interior decoration

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