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Decorative Checkered Plate

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Decorative Checkered Plate

Checkered Plate

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Decorative Checkered sheets ranges from 0.8 to 1.6mm, depending on the material and pattern. KEN GI has black iron flower panels, galvanized flower panels, aluminum flower panels, white iron flower panels, etc. The Decorative patterned sheets lies in their diverse materials, which can be tailored to meet customer requirements. These sheets can be used for indoor and outdoor wall decoration as well as various types of door panel applications.

Decorative Checkered Plate sheets are a highly visually appealing and versatile material, widely used in various fields, including interior decoration, architecture, art, and industrial design.

Decorative Checkered Plate Specifications

Materials: Black Iron, Galvanized, Aluminum, White Iron.

Variety of Decorative Checkered Plate

Here are some common metal pattern plate types:

White Iron Checkered Board: White Iron Checkered Board has excellent corrosion resistance and strength and is commonly used for interior decoration in kitchens, restaurants and medical facilities.
Aluminum embossed panels: Lightweight and easy to process, they are suitable for use in building facades, roofs and transportation projects to provide a unique appearance.
Black iron pattern plate: Black iron pattern plate has traditional and classical styles and is often used in art and special craft fields.
Galvanized Patterned Sheet: Galvanized Patterned Sheet is widely used in construction, drainage systems and agricultural facilities and has excellent weather resistance.

Product Features

Checkered Plate have a wide range of applications.

Uses of Checkered Plate heets

Interior Decoration: Checkered Plate sheets are commonly used for wall decor, ceilings, columns, and furniture, adding a modern and luxurious feel to interior spaces Architectural Exteriors: Checkered Plate sheets can be applied to architectural exteriors, such as walls, roofs, railings, and doors and windows, providing durability and a distinctive appearance. Art and Crafts: Artists and craftsmen use metal patterned sheets to create sculptures, paintings, and decorative items, expressing artistic creativity. Industrial Applications: Checkered Plate sheets are used in industrial sectors for transportation, manufacturing, drainage systems, and mechanical engineering, offering reliability and functionality.

Checkered Plate
Decorative metal checker plate with beautiful surface and multi-purpose can be used for decoration and protection
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