Rib Lath

Rib Lath

Plastering Accessories

Plastering Accessories

Introduction of ribbed mesh

  • Rib lath, also known as metal light compartment mesh, is the abbreviation of permanent concrete metal mesh.
  • The difference between the reinforced net and the easy batch net is that it can carry about half of the mud gravity of the easy batch net. Semi-wet construction (expanded cement is used as filling material), and reinforced mesh for construction can also reduce the labor, time, and site cleaning costs required for the secondary treatment of general formwork. In terms of safety and construction cost reduction, advanced European and American countries with higher requirements are also widely used.
  • Rib lath can also be clad with suspended ceiling and H-steel structure, and used for external plastering or filling with fire-resistant mixed materials.

Mesh specifications

  • Thickness of sheet metal with ribs: 0.3~0.5mm
  • Mesh material with reinforcement: hot-dip galvanized steel coil

Rib Lath specification table

Rib Lath specification table


*Provide customized specificaton, welcome to inquire with our company


Product description with ribs 

  • The rib lath is made of imported or domestic hot-dip galvanized steel and conforms to CNS, JIS, ASTM, BS and other standards.

  • KEN GI's metal mesh making machines (hy rib, rib lath machine) and the whole plant equipment are exported to countries all over the world, so the mesh making technology and quality assurance are the first.



  •  Without removal
    Rib lath is a permanent formwork, which is poured into the mesh by the method of slush-free mold removal, and then completed by spraying or manual processing, rough bottom of the tile, or powder finish, without removal, cleaning, and oiling. It can save a lot of labor costs and time, and help to catch up.

  • Small size and light weight
     The rib lath itself is light in weight and small in size, so it is very easy to handle, especially in high-rise construction sites, it can feel its lightness, which accelerates the construction progress and saves costs.

  • Superior on-site workability
    The material used in the rib lath is easy to cut and bend into the required design shape or irregular surface. Therefore, this feature can save a lot of time and labor costs when installing the template, and can maintain the flexibility of the plan during the design, making the design more perfect.

  • The construction site is clean and tidy
     The rib lath is small and light in size, easy to place and free of impurities such as steel nails and dirty oil, so that the construction site is kept clean and beautiful.

  • Prevent cracks on the concrete surface 
    Rib lath is a steel mesh with high tensile strength to prevent cracks on the concrete surface.

Product features with ribbed mesh

  • Can be quickly combined with C-shaped light steel column and upper and lower grooves
  • Easy to carry and cut
  • Easy installation and inspection of water and electricity piping (saving 20-30% of budget)
  • When grouting, the blockage position of the flow slurry is clear at a glance, and the gap is easy to fill
  • Fast leveling after grouting
  • While the wall is thinner, which can increase the indoor usable area (about 1 square feet for every 30 square feet)
  • Wall anti-collision, shockproof, fireproof, soundproof, good hanging force


  • Suspended ceiling
  • Light compartments, interior and exterior walls of buildings
  • Door frame assembly, parapet
  • Soffit, bathroom plumbing
  • The continuous wall of the basement and the water tank can be used
  • Interior wall compartment in RC structure or H steel structure
  • RC structure exterior wall


Metal mesh-reinforced mesh can also be covered with suspended ceilings and H-steel structures, and plastered or filled with fireproof mixed materials.
Rib lath used for plastering on the ceiling
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