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  • Hy rib is the abbreviation of permanent concrete high-strength metal mesh formwork. Europe and the United States have been used in concrete structures of construction projects since 1969. Because the hy rib can greatly reduce the general twice formwork. The labor, time, materials, temporary support and other costs required for the secondary treatment, and the better rigidity of the general formwork and the flexibility of the shape, so the shortage of labor, the high wages, the impact on the quality of the project, structural safety and Advanced countries in Europe and America, which have higher requirements in terms of reducing construction costs, are in large-scale use.


  • Sheet thickness: 0.3 mm ~ 0.5 mm
  • Material: Hot dip galvanized steel
Free Formwork (Easy Phi Net) Specification Sheet

Product Description

Hy rib is made of imported or domestic hot-dip galvanized steel coil and conforms to CNS, JIS, ASTM, BS and other standards. The company's building materials machines (hy rib, rib lath machine) and the whole plant equipment are exported to countries all over the world, so the metal mesh making technology and quality assurance are the first.


  • Non-demolition
    Hy rib is a permanent formwork for the structure. The concrete pouring is completed without the need for demolition, cleaning and oiling, which can save a lot of labor costs and time, and help to rush the construction progress.
  • Provides excellent joint surface
    After the concrete is poured on hy rib, a set of coarse-grained surfaces will naturally form on the surface of the structure, and the second grouting can be implemented without surface treatment such as chiseling and roughening. or stucco work, and can provide an effective and excellent structural joint.
  • Pressure-reducing
    The openings in the mesh area of ​​the hy rib can help disperse the water pressure generated by the cement mortar during pouring, which can save the supporting wood required for the wooden or steel formwork. Therefore, labor and material costs can be reduced.
  • Small size and light weight
    Metal hy rib is much lighter than wood formwork and small in size, so it is very easy to carry, especially in high-rise construction sites, it can feel its lightness, speed up the construction progress and save money cost.
  • Superior field workability
    Hy rib is easy to cut and bend into the required desire shape or irregular surface, such as on toggle bolts. This product can be flexed first through structural reinforcement before applied on the surface. This kind of superior on-site workability is absolutely impossible to achieve with wooden molds and steel molds. Therefore, this feature can save a lot of time and labor costs when installing the template, and can maintain the flexibility of the plan during the design, making the design more perfect.
  • Save formwork support material
    Metal-free dismantling formwork (Easy to drape net) In many cases, formwork support material can be omitted and the product can be directly fixed on the RC steel bar, which not only saves support material and labor costs, but also increases the work progress.
  • Prevent the metal formwork from breaking out
    Hy rib at the intersection of formwork and formwork and steel reinforcement, which can effectively prevent the formwork and concrete pouring from burst cracking and affect the construction progress, which can improve construction efficiency and reduce material loss. .
  • Construction site is clean and tidy
     Hy rib is small and light, easy to place and free of steel nails, dirty oil and other sundries, so that the construction site can be kept clean and tidy.
  • Prevent cracks on the concrete surface.
    Hy rib is a steel mesh with high-strength tension to prevent cracks on the concrete surface.

Product Features

  • Free formwork after grouting
  • No cleaning, less handling, less inventory space
  • The iron wire is easy to tie, and the steel bar is easy to penetrate and fix
  • Easy to carry weight
  • Fast leveling after grouting
  • Increases structural strength (reduces the amount of reinforcement used)
  • Wall anti-collision, shockproof, fireproof


  • Large-scale construction and civil engineering, earth engineering, such as construction joints, independent foundation ground beams, raft foundations, retaining walls
  • Sewerage works, subways, MRT systems, nuclear power plants, docks, foundations and bridge decks
  • Irregular or curved surface modeling, high-rise buildings, marine engineering and other major projects can be used as the best wall material for reinforced concrete permanent formwork.
  • RC structure or H steel structure exterior wall
  • Retaining wall (all arc-shaped walls)
  • Fences, tunnels, bridges
  • Dams, storage tanks
Hy Rib VS Traditional Wood Formwork
Metal mesh for construction-metal disassembly-free formwork (Yipi mesh)-1
Hy rib is widely used in large-scale construction projects
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